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03/11 - Mediums Cindy Kaza and Jenn Shepherd
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Cindy Kaza is an evidential medium. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship practiced around the world that puts heavy weight on the medium’s ability to bring through extremely specific evidence to the sitter. This evidence can include, but is certainly not limited to, names, personality traits, physical ailments, favorite past times, and phrases often used by loved ones in spirit. The purpose of this style of mediumship is to diminish skepticism among sitters and to prove that the medium is truly connecting with the client’s loved ones in spirit.
Cindy has been extremely intuitive since very early childhood. At the age of 10 she had her first memorable experience with a spirit. Days after losing a childhood friend in a fatal car accident, Cindy woke up in the middle of the night to see her friend standing next to her bed. At the time, she dismissed this experience and convinced herself it was just a dream. It wasn’t until her early 20’s that she realized she was having psychic and mediumistic experiences all along. During this “awakening” she began searching for answers and reasons for her experiences and became aware of her multi-faceted abilities as a psychic medium. She began training not only in the United States but also at the Arthur Findlay School of Intuitive Sciences in Stansted, England. She believes in compassionately sharing her gift with others while also opening up others to the gifts they too possess and that everyone is inherently intuitive and able to feel Spirit!
Jenn Shepherd is an evidential medium. Jenn is the co-founder and coordinator for Bolts of Love in Erie, PA. She has authored two books: "Healing Through Spirit, Loving in Love" and "What I am Learning While Talking to Dead People." Jenn's training includes Spiritual Leaders around the globe. Master Robert Peng and the classes and teachings available through The Journey Within in Pompyon Lakes New Jersey are where she continues to train and explore the world of Spirit. Jenn believes in always expanding knowledge, and in return sharing that knowledge with those who come to Bolts of Love. More about Jenn and her availability for private or group sessions may be found at
An evening of Mediumship and messages from Spirit is to allow for the healing of Spirit and the knowledge that life and love never ends. This evening will be a presentation/demonmstration of mediumship in which many of those in attendance will receive messages from mediums Cindy Kaza and Jenn Shepherd.
This evening is part of a whole weekend of mediumship develpment from Cindy Kaza. Information on the class is available by clicking EVENTS. Cindy is one of the most sincere and accurate mediums traveling at this time. She has b=put forth a lot of effort to learn other cultures connection to Spirit and has been developing a film titled "Diary of a Medium". Examples of this work may be found on You Tube. Cindy's entire tour schedule may be found on her web pages
Tickets limited and available at

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7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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Street Address: Unity in Edinboro
Street Address Line 2: 130 Meadville Street
City: Edinboro
State / Province: Pa
Postal / Zip Code: 16412
Country: United States

Full Name

Jennifer Shepherd